Tamara Willems

the makings of life’s perfection..



It has all the makings of a perfect day
it starts of course with a day off, so that means not getting up at 5:30 am, but rather a bit of a lie in and to
rising slow
morning coffee with my love
and the finishing of a good book (sound familiar)
he says he’ll be home by noon, then we have errands to do
at 12:02, he pulls into the drive
perfectly timed, not quite a noble steed
but to me
dashing just the same
first off is some much needed shopping for me
and while I just do not possess the gene
that enjoys shopping for clothes
he’s insisting
to me half the battle is justifying the ridiculous prices
of things
and then, ugh the trying things on…
while I am doing my best to make a few choices
my husband comes over to tell me he’s discovered they sell individual slices
of cheesecake here
and right there, I am reminded why
he’s the one
as neither one of us has eaten, we share this glorious bit of breakfast
in the car
and giggle like children
off next to some thrift store shopping
much more my comfort zone
once in the change room
I find to my delight it’s been so long since I have bought new jeans
that I have no idea what size I wear
and everything I have chosen is far too big
this makes standing far too close
half naked in front of a mirror
much more kind
I do manage to find a few things and some fabulous new boots
but my treasure of the day is a lovely
vintage feel
case for my reading glasses
yes, I can be satisfied for $1.25
then on to the grocery store, which we find quite
pleasurable as we usually do it together
on the way home a quick stop in at the library
where three new books are waiting for me
then a mere five and half hours since we left
we are home
with all the kids still here
this is always my favourite place
to be
we each filter in to do
a bit of work on the second of our holiday jigsaw puzzles
while my husband makes dinner
then we all sit down for
family movie night
when finally I do crawl into the comfort of my bed
and wrap myself in its warmth
great gratitude gathers around me
for this day
this life
and for simple pleasures
proving once again
the key to this woman’s heart
is not diamonds
it’s cheesecake ♥

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