Tamara Willems

as I sit, admiring the view…

This morning I sit
in my chair
I look out the window to watch
delicate snowflakes
waltzing their way softly to the ground
and then, slowly
on the piano my Buddha sits
beside him a lovely little otter lies on his back
on the other side Gumby jubilantly riding Pokey
beside a ceramic hippo and a jar of buttons
in the kitchen
my love is making bread
from a starter dough he’s been steadily
at my feet the dogs
are sleeping
and the cat periodically wanders through
waiting not so patiently for me to get up
to feed him
a gathering of squirrels is raiding the birdfeeder
while one lovely grey hangs from his toes
at the suet cake
from the record player Bruce Springsteen
is easing us through the morning
dull but menacing worries are trying to knot themselves up
in my stomach
but instead of feeding this
I am choosing to sit in utter
breathing in
the quiet beauty of my life
and my
I am much blessed, and as such
I actively
celebrate this
the good fortune of a very good man
brilliantly creative, sensitive, wildly good humoured
genuine caring, much soul bolstering friends
and an openness to beauty
and love
in all its fantastical forms
I don’t see myself as anything so grand
but I do hope the mark I will
leave on this world
it’s the simplest gift
it is the greatest joy
it is Love
in its highest form
this is the light
that I hold in my heart
and the fingerprints I hope to
on anything I have touched
and in my words
thoughts and intentions
as they float
out my window
and take to the sky
I hope today you see a
beautiful smile
that you will feel even just a touch
of joy
and contentment
that the great gift of simple kindness
reaches you
so that you will feel
and that your day begins
and ends
in gratitude

and most especially to you my friend, as I sit in the comfort of my chair
this morning
I am thinking of you
I wish you
well  ♥

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