Tamara Willems

a walk to the composter …

I slip my feet
slippers and all
into my husband’s big boots
so big that when I walk
they force me to take giant steps
and walk like I am three
this makes me smile
the ground is soggy
and squishes when I step
as I walk, in my giant feet
with my hands out wide
and smile
with childish joy
the days have been rather dreary
of late
wet and drizzly, not much sun
yesterday on a drive
he said to me “I like this song,
do you know this one, Jack of All Trades?”
and he turns it up so I can listen
♪.. I’m a jack of all trades, honey we’ll be alright.. ♪
I like words and I like lyrics, and
i like Love
of course he know this
again in his own way, even
in someone else’s words
he has spoken to me
of a love that
today, when I think of this
tears well
and I smile
as I squish the soggy ground
taking my giant steps
in my husband’s big boots
when I look up
I notice a subtle but definite glow
in the sky
as the sun starts to sink
I smile and I thank the world
for loving me
so well
and for allowing me

and yes,
for these

big boots ♥


Jack of All Trades
artist: Bruce Springsteen
album: Wrecking Ball 
released: 2012

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