Tamara Willems

like sparkles on snow…

Before my eyes are even open
I am listening
to the birds outside my window
trying to identify their call
while my husband quietly readies himself for work
careful not to wake me, on my day off
and this begins my day
with an act of Love
the woman on the radio says we are in for another cloudy day
yet already I can feel
the sun on my skin
I can hear the scrape of a shovel, as my husband is clearing the neighbour’s drive
as ever so slowly I open the fingers on both hands
to a gentle stretching
and just as my toes touch the floor
he pulls out of the drive
sitting with my coffee, I can feel the sun warming
the top of my head
as I willingly disappear into my book
even through the window
a tiny little peep, let’s me know Gord our little downy woodpecker is back
and I am pleased to see him again
so dear to my heart, I would know that sound anywhere
the other day my husband calls me to the kitchen to point out
a new visitor to the feeder
a red-bellied woodpecker, of which we have not seen in our garden before
much larger than Gord, (and to my thinking not quite as lovely)
but certainly most welcome
as I pour myself a second cup,  I survey the feeders in hopes of another glimpse
of this bit of wonder
the glorious sunlight lights upon the fresh snow
in glistening sparkles like diamonds in dance
and I think to myself
what a blessing
this day,
sunshine does such marvelous things to the soul!

As I will say does kindness …
I have occasion to share bits of myself here
in openness and vulnerability
this of course has the possibility of exposing oneself
to intentional wounding
yet when you are bound by Love
bolstered by Light
and inspired by Beauty
it really just takes the simplest
to make your heart sing
and that my friends
is a true


herein lies my ‘secret’ power …  I hope in this day,  you find yours ♥

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