Tamara Willems

good things and lovely things, and words…

One of the blessings I guess of working long hours
of rather strenuous physical work, is just how very much I appreciate a day off
To not waking myself far too early before even the sun deems it necessary to be awake
to a slow stretching, returning circulation to my  hands and fingers, to rising gently, trying not to wake my husband, as he comes to bed much later than I
To a leisurely sit, coffee and my book while the house breathes quiet
and then my love joins me here, to much the same
To periodically pausing in our reading, each of us lost in the flow of words
to smile at each other
And then to the great luxury of a day of one’s
To the ever hopeful re-dedication of my yoga practice
to consciously breathing deep
To replenishing with the beautiful, simple clearness of water
and grace
And to sitting once again, rooted of sorts
attempting to put down a few words that seem to be floating through me
In gentle waves of inspiration
or longing

Apologies to those
Who came before us
For things
We didn’t learn

As the world spins and spirals
In madness
And wondered bewilderment

To participating in and appreciating wise words
of those much more elopquent than I
that come as much from the heart
as from
the head

To the great beauty of laughter
and lightness
And to the glorious healing power
of easy
regardless of arrows being

and to smallish acts of Love
with large-ish

to a quiet reflection of good things, and lovely things
and things to be grateful for
and not expect
to welcome awareness and presence
and always to remain open
to surprise and

to smiling grandly at the sky
and feeling
each time the world

to offering love in the small ways
one can
in genuine compassion
of self

and to offering it here
as I do
as to say,  this is how I am today
my friend,
what I’m wondering

are you?  ♥


“Art is the expression of appreciation of beauty real or imagined. It’s also an examination of what it means to be alive with all its varied things, emotions, and experiences. We are forever trying to explain ourselves to the world or the world to ourselves.”   ~ Jay Woodman 

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