Tamara Willems

to make a heart sing…

it’s as simple as a walk to the library
in sunshine
to pick up a few books
my valued treasures
and then a stop in at the museum
with a feature on fashions
that lures me in
as I wander
with a smile
taking it all in
really wanting
to touch
it’s as simple as the glorious morning
peering in my window
and a lovely warm breeze playing with the cedars
making the shadows dance on my face
while I read
it’s as simple as slipping on some boots
and stepping out
to the dancing dripping droplets of water
joyfully splashing themselves into puddles
around my feet
formerly snow and ice from the roof that too
has been encouraged by the sun
to celebrate
this day
it’s as simple as the tiniest little peep
of the chickadee
graciously perched nearby
as I fill the feeder
it’s as simple as a walk to the pond
still covered in ice
yet with one small hole where bubbles cunningly
make their escape
stopping here to breathe this in
I almost hear the gentle whispers
just below the surface
of  ‘soon…  soon enough,   the magic
it’s as simple as sitting with my daughters
sharing stories and fits of
the coming home
of my second son
from school
and now
my house feels full
and my heart

it’s as simple as a smile in the morning
and a kiss goodbye
a kind thought, laughter
and a love shared

and then

it’s as simple as
a walk outside
a beautiful warming smile
up into the sun
and then slowly
and gently
settling your eyes
sprouts ♥

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