Tamara Willems

just the perfect day…

Today seems just the perfect day…

to spread a little sunshine
to make someone smile
just because
Right now seems just the perfect time
to tell someone
all about your love
and just how special you think they are
This could be just the perfect opportunity
to make someone’s day
to offer them hope
to tell them
Maybe this is your chance
to let someone know
just how very much they shine
in your eyes
or how they have blessed your day,
or your life
This moment may be just the time
to stop a minute
and say
Thank you
for some good reason, or for no good reason at all
other than
just to be Thankful

right now
at this very moment
is the perfect time
breathe in deep
and as you do
smile, wide
breathe all the way in
and when you breathe out
breathe out
but keep that smile
Now do something nice for someone
I love you
or yeah, I like you
and thank you,
cause you made me smile
or you touched my heart
or this
reminded me of you
and just in case you didn’t know
are important to me
for just that reason
and I wanted to let you know

but say it out LOUD
or write down
or write it

because today seems like just the perfect day
for sunshine ♥

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