Tamara Willems

to the wisdom of toads

This is a true story in which sunshine, my lovely husband and a little James Taylor manage to save me once again.

I can feel myself
not so much as to say
I may be losing weight
but rather, it’s my skin
that is feeling
and I find myself easily annoyed
little things
I can recognize this old familiar
state of me
(by now, probably so can you)
I am
I have been too busy of late
days off, and weekends taken up
with (not so unwelcome) bits of life
just not enough, nothingness to it
for my
well being
and I feel
tired, very, very tired

last night, I come home from a long day at work
and suggest a walk in the rain
to my husband, who very quickly says yes
which proves to be rather blissful
later, I walk down to the composter
and pass by a toad, who serenades me with
songs of love
while I am there, I meet a little fledgling starling
sheltering in among the flowers
I assure him, he is safe with me, I mean no harm
I tell him, he is lovely
walking back the toad is still chirping
and a cardinal joins in
after greeting them all, I head in to finish the dishes
with a smile of delight
this morning coffee and then some errands with my Love
before he is off to work
pick up a few things for the kids,
and a couple of new books for me (no trip out would be complete otherwise)
and then
a whole lot of sunshine, and a little time
to the pond to visit the fish
fill the bird feeders,
wander the gardens
smile up at the sky
breathe …

I can feel the sun warming my shoulders and back
as I watch a jet paint a streak across the sky
and follow it’s white feathery line, straight through the sun
and as far as I can see
I listen to the birds
and let the breeze dance through my hair
I make it a point to invite in
the Love, Light and Peace
that I know
I am
I watch a little toad, back his way into some fresh dirt
until he is almost covered
and very much like the Cheshire cat
leaving only his eyes, and his smile
and here
I am reminded of patience, gentleness
to be
because these too are things
I know, right now
the dog scratches at the door
catching my attention
and my brain sets into gear
Ugh, there are things I am supposed to be accomplishing
Just as I turn to go
down in the far corner, I spot a perfectly lovely
plump fellow
sitting in the sun
among the leaves
I stop to say hello
but just quick, I must get on
and with just a smile
somehow in this sunshine
he convinces me
to stay

“This ‘accomplishing’ he says,
that’s for
another day … “  ♥


♪ ♪ Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself because I love you, yes I do ♪ ♪

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