Tamara Willems

and if you are open …

Sometimes it is necessary
to just sit still
and let your joy

some days
it’s all

even on the days when just one brief
bit of joy
maybe even

I know that

it comes

because every day
quietly, this joy

it sneaks in

sometimes it just
gently eases
it’s way in
beside you
in front of you

and if you are open


Some days I just need to be
I close my book
I tell the constant swirl of words
wonder and worry
in my head
to be

I have already been out to the pond this morning, and wandered the gardens, taken it all in.  My husband is busy mulching, trimming and watering.  While I am standing, breathing and admiring.  Conscious of what I am needing.  Quiet, not so much external, but internal ..  quiet.
The gardens are at their ‘in-betweens’ –  early beauties have begun to fade,  and most of what surrounds is green.  Every year at this time I think of bridging this gap between colours of flowering,  until I realize just how very lovely the varying shades of green can be, and really, one does not have to always be bursting forth to show great beauty.

As I again wander over to the pond, to watch the fish,  my eyes come to rest on a gorgeous fellow resting comfortably in the sun.  Suddenly I realize that this is not the usual toads, who have been calling for mates and happily swimming about.  No,  this fellow I greet with a huge smile,  this lovely fellow is my frog!
My husband comes through the gate, and I tell him quite excitedly, “Biggie Smalls is baaaaaack!!!“  I am so very delighted by his return to the pond,  and almost as instantly I feel my rush of gratitude, for in the stillness of being,  just here, in the quiet enjoyment of life,   I have indeed found my days joy.

I go in to shower, and get on to the few things that need doing today.  However, once I am fresh, I just can’t resist another stop at the pond.  When I arrive, Biggie is just thrusting his lovely plump stripy legs in a swim to the other side, and I watch him in complete admiration.
Beside me I spot a little movement, I remain quite still, and move only my eyes to see two tiny little chipmunks approaching, and they rather bravely scamper right across my toes!   They seem not bothered in the least that I am there, they are more interested in the fact that I have just filled the feeders with fresh snacks. Right there with me standing still, they happily fill their cheeks, and then one leans in to the pond for a drink.   In the garden along the edge, I can see a baby bird, who has not quite mastered the art of flight, clumsily hopping around, and a chickadee comes to rest on a branch quite close to me. Here is where I realize that I am holding my breath, as not to disturb this magnificent moment.  I take it all in ..

and then …

I breathe,
deeply, and contentedly
I breathe

the dogs soon become too curious and disrupt this bit of tranquility, and so I move off to my place in the sun.
and it is here, I stand in stillness
with my face turned to the light
feeling the warmth
as it fills every part
of me

I smile

hands to heart
I express my sincere
for this

for it is here
in the quiet greens
of this day
in my stillness of being
that I
have found
Joy  ♥

be still and know …   ya know ! 

(*whispers*  stay open … )

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