Tamara Willems

a wistful easy feeling…

It has become like a sort of longing…

it’s my day to write
and really,  what have I got to say,
I come to sit in the sun
in the lovely quietness of my gardens
blazing beams of glorious light
warming my shoulders
the soothing sounds of the birds
the comforting lyrical whistle of my neighbour
a constant
an airplane overhead
and when it’s gone
just quiet
the silent sail
of the clouds
and the soothing whispers of a breeze
In the leaves

this is what I am looking to
embody today,
quiet, gentle soothing
a recent conversation with my Mom
making me feel the passage of time
and then a dream about her
that unsettled me
worries over things I cannot control
and hopes for other’s future happiness
a bit of overthinking
has me dragging a heavier than necessary
and I come to the garden
to unfurl my wings
in the

the mock orange is in full bloom
the scent of which
is the sweetest and most heavenly
and it flowers in the most sacred
quiet corner
to where I come to breathe
in full gratitude
the mulberry is busting with fruit
and the birds are most joyous for its bounty
Biggie Smalls our resident frog
is quite happily sunning himself in the centre
of the pond with tadpoles swishing on his back
and face
and gathering jubilantly around him
three little chickadees land on a branch of the spruce
just above me, an adult and two very young
and as they are not a very large bird to begin with
these babies are quite small
they chitter in excitement
(and so do I, at their presence!)
I greet them, but they are quickly off
remnants of a tree that my husband has removed
lay in pieces on the lawn
a necessary evil I suppose,
(or so he says)
but it never feels quite right
I’ll continue to see an empty space, like a scar
for awhile
the distinctive sound of a doves wings
flutters overhead
just as two of the tiniest little chipmunk babies
runs along the fence and into the thick
of the trumpet vine
a grey squirrel perches on the fence post
watching me, as I
am watching him

I guess,
it is wistful,  I am feeling

and this quiet day
in the sun
is my

when I start to think it is time
for a nice cup of tea
I look up
and there beside me
I have a friend
ever so quietly perched
is the plumpest little bird
and I smile wide when I realize
it is a baby cardinal
the smallest I have seen
and here it is
right beside me
just quietly sitting
in my garden
and it is here truly
my gratitude swells

in the sun,
I am feeling wistful
and warm
but peaceful
and blessed
by all
of these

However it is you are feeling today …  
find your joy
it’s there

waiting ♥

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