Tamara Willems


Friday is my day off, sights of ever expanding laundry baskets, tumbleweeds of dog hair collecting in corners, and a toppled dog food dish scattering kibble across the kitchen floor
I should sweep and tidy..
Instead I take my lunch outside to my favourite spot in the sunshine. Under a canopy of wisteria, I can hear the cardinals eagerly announcing their mother’s return to the nest, while the male makes sure the coast stays clear of anyone not welcome to view his new family. Young wrens who seem to have all now ventured out on their own and are just so proud to let us know. My gardens seemingly unkempt and rambling may be disastrous to some, but are peaceful and serene and wondrously wild and wooly to me.
I should trim and edge and weed …
My pond is overrun by tadpoles, some with tails and some with legs and little tiny toads ready to go out into the big wide world. Also by duckweed which is now threatening to completely cover the surface, errant junebugs and a few leaves.
I should skim and thin and ….
But, I’m 345 pages into a good book, and the sun is shining on me, and the breeze is light and lovely … I think I’ll just sit here, amongst my sea of green tranquility .. and grin ..  ♥

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