Tamara Willems

and here it is …

Today I am sifting and sorting
thinning and releasing
trying to rid myself of
and generally making myself sick
I am terribly allergic to dust
and therefore find myself constantly caught
between avoiding it altogether
or letting it settle
this of course tells you something about
my housekeeping
and although I did take my walk in sunshine
this morning
I have spent most of the day
moving furniture
gathering and finding things
to part with
yesterday my husband and I spent the early part
of the evening
cutting away at ivy that started taking over
a couple of windows upstairs
air is flowing
an overdue task completed
together we have conquered
and I tell my husband, he is my
he tells me,  this.. he knows
(of course he does)
love also
is flowing
my scratchy throat and a brief bout of sneezing
let me know I have probably
done enough
for today
and more importantly it is
time for tea
the warm spicy yellows of turmeric
cinnamon and ginger
and the sweetness of honey
quickly begin to soothe
the clouds have moved in and the sky
has lost all of it’s colour
the young cardinals
are calling me out, and I find it hard to resist
this invitation
they really are growing so fast
and now look very much like the mother
all three are spending a lot of time in the cedar
and snowball bushes
I have tried, but have been unable to capture
any fitting shots of how lovely they are
and so I opt to simply admire them
and to chat with them
just quietly
as I wander along
the breeze starts to dance
and I take this opportunity to lift my wings
and to fill my lungs
with the freshness of

when my hands and eyes come down
to rest
I spot a lovely little heart
waiting for me
in my Labrador violets
here it is…



as it should be ♥

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