Tamara Willems

hello sleeping beauty

We need shared gestures, small ceremonies that help us pay attention, that let us see and honour the mystery of the other every day. This is the commitment my soul longs to make to the world. ~ Oriah

Today, I would like to say how very grateful I am. First that Nurses are just the loveliest people. I have had the great fortune to have been cared for by some wonderfully kind, compassionate, gentle, caring nurses, before, during and after surgeries who have blessed my life immeasurably. A special thank you this time around to January, my nurse who awoke me after recovery with: “Hello Sleeping Beauty”, and returned to me, my smile. 🙂
And of course to all of my dear friends and family for all of your kind words and for thinking of me – my sincerest gratitude, you continue to bless my life and for that I do appreciate you immensely.


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