Tamara Willems

to quietly offering Joy…

This morning I decide today is mine,
my day to have,
any way I wish
it’s been busy,  we’ve been busy
but this morning, my husband rises only a little before me
so that he can start the coffee
and when I come down
we can sit together
I don’t know how many days it’s been since
we have had this luxury,  but it feels like
far too many
so I am savouring …

after a leisurely sit, we have a few errands to do
and it’s nice to do them
as I put the groceries away, my husband
heads down to the basement, to his drums
while I
have somewhere else to
be …

there is road construction just off our street
so lots of rumbling and beeping
as heavy equipment backs up and trucks move the earth
but as I step outside, just a few steps in
as the sun warms my neck and shoulders
as colours and flutters catch my eye
all distracting noises fade away
trucks and diggers even the drumming, and music from the house
give way to the sound of sparrows and chick-a-dees
wind chimes in the breeze
cicadas and crickets
peeps and flutters
and here I breathe in deep and
I watch the fish in the pond
and the sparrows as they bathe in the dirt
I say hello to my flowers and admire each in their
unique beauty
I watch a chick-a-dee on a pine cone
releasing seeds that twirl downward
through the air
and the glory of a Monarch as she dances
her way through
the wildflowers, ever so
I let the beauty of a little white butterfly
carry all the worries of my week
and I feel my spirit ease
I smile at the sun
and I am richly filled with gratitude

as all of this,
is what I am
sunshine and breezes
flowers and flutters
a little wild, unpolished
and unkempt
a few weeds, I admire
and gorgeous natural beauty
and dirt
I am that too
in it’s nourishing and nurturing
and true
the cardinal calls and I can hear
a Blue working to crack open a nut
the sun warms my skin, and I smile
from inside
I can’t imagine ever wanting anything more
than this
Quiet beauty
Boundless joy
Wonder, Light

it’s all here and I gather it in
I breathe, and I smile
and then
I send it out to you

I hope you too find your place of peace

and when you do
you take your moment
to smile, and to breathe
and to say
Thank you

and then maybe
someone offers you
a nice kiss
a lovely
cup of tea ♥

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