Tamara Willems

in a moment of refueling …

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”
 ~ Emily Dickinson

For a moment today I lamented the fact that my husband had to rush off to work yet again,

and then..
I suddenly thought about how I truly have all of the blessing of the universe.
I really have the loveliest friends – loving, supportive funny and great fun.
I bear witness to the kindest of most generous hearts. 
I am every day surrounded by so much Love.
And I do try very hard to always offer
the same.
I very much live in Gratitude and (you may know) always the celebration of LOVE,
and I try,
I do try in my way, to add a little goodness
to the world

and so
I get on with the laundry, I take out the garbage,
I make the beds, 
I do some baking
I laugh with my kids

I smile

if today you happen to be reading this here,
today,  I am full
I offer my gratitude

Thank you,
that’s all I really wanted to say

You  ♥

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