Tamara Willems

September’s feel, I suppose…

The house is quiet
when I come down
and for this, this morning
I am grateful
I stretch out my arms to
greet the day, and feel this space
and the
I smile and  I breathe
pour my coffee and gaze out on filtered bits
of sunlight

September starts cool
and I can feel it in my hands
they are stiff and sore
barely able to bend, nor straighten
craggy little nails shorn off
from work

I turn on the tap, a little warm water
to soothe
encourage things to soften
and at the trumpet vine outside my window
I spot a lovely little hummingbird
gathering sweetness

and I smile with the excitement
of a child

before long I have spotted two more hummingbirds
and then my little woodpecker
and I think to myself
to start the day
with hummingbirds
is a very grand thing

might you
have missed it?

the day’s news starts with anniversary
wishes for friends
and new commitments of love
shared by others
there is also sunshine and smiles
some sorrow and some loss
still grounded in Love

I take my walk
to the pond
and through the flowers
rather quiet this morning
and still

this is September’s feel, I suppose
as summer starts to wane
and the glories of the summer bloom
begin to fade

the joys are still here
maybe they are softer,
quieter, gentler
a little cooler,
but still here
for the noticing
seasons will change
but there’s no need for rushing

and the need
I believe,
is still kindness

so this morning I say my
Welcome to September,
in gratitude
to you

I smile up as the sun peaks through
and I set my intention
to kindness and
to Love

and then
I go on
here ♥

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