Tamara Willems

to choose the words…

Do you choose the words,
or do the words
choose you?

Do you choose the love
or does the love

Are you the sum of your parts
or are your parts
the sum
of you?

One of the things I had hoped not to pass on to my kids,
was my acute shyness
(of course we define things differently these days)
now, they all have it to some degree
but also what they have is so much more
each of them is brilliant and brave in their own way
they are funny and fun
and always my complete joy

they are each wicked smart, and very kind
they are creative and imaginative
they are conscientious and compassionate

they are I suppose the best parts of my husband
and I
but they are also each quite miraculously
and I hope that what I have passed on to them
is to recognize
the best parts of themselves
and others

One of the things I admire among my friends
is kindness, of course
it’s a sense of humour and intelligence
and it’s compassion for each other
and it’s really people who are just wholly
male and female, as I have many of both
if you have touched my life,
I am always genuinely wishing you

I talk a lot about love and kindness
as I do believe wholeheartedly in both
but this is not to say that I am always
sunshiny bright
I’ll bet that some days I am

but I am real, I am honest
about both,
and I do try
to do better

I think this can be true for all of us
and this is the power of vulnerability
to show our realness
to each other
to say, I have those feelings, beliefs, thoughts, experiences, days ..  too
is how we connect

sometimes this is met with kindness
sometimes not
and that’s ok, I guess
I will still show up
I can still choose for me

So each day, I set my intention
regardless of how I am feeling, I choose,
I choose
I choose
I choose

and I choose

this way,
I am always most Grateful

me  ♥

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