Tamara Willems

upon arrival…

One of the nicest things about my love of wildflowers, is that each day can be such a wonderful surprise.
This morning, even before I am fully awake I am thinking about her.  I am eager in anticipation of finally gazing upon her beautiful face.  Among my new patch of wildflowers, daily visions of wonder are frequent and for me full of sheer delight.

On a daily walk of gratitude, this now is always my first stop.  In sunshine of course, I stop to feel the glorious streams of light as they warm my back and shoulders, and then too ..  my smiling face, raised up to receive.  When I am filled, I gaze lovingly at each and every delicate face also smiling in glory.  I watch bees and butterflies as they gather in sweetness, and I marvel at every shade of vibrant beauty.  Here –  I am ever so grateful,  for life.

Now, this morning, I have been waiting to see one beauty in particular.  She has been growing steadily taller, among the many others,  but waiting patiently for her moment to shine.   As she grows I can see the flower head developing in size and I am eager to see just how she will display.    A few days ago, I can see her beautiful head gaining strength and the very first sight of the softest delicate pink and I am instantly smitten.  Yesterday, after work I noticed that she was just beginning to open,  but I don’t go too close as I don’t wish to spoil her debut, by arriving before she is fully ..  herself. 

This morning,  under a rather cloudy sky, I wonder how she is feeling? I’m not convinced it’s the day for flowers, until …

the sunshine masterfully breaks through the clouds, and I know it’s time – to step out,  to see.

I find my place, and I feel the sun as she shines on me.  Strong glorious rays warm my skin and draw me up in great gratitude.  I close my eyes,  I fill my lungs to full capacity as my face and neck stretch up to receive the strength of love and light.  And then,  I turn to greet this new most beautiful being in all her splendour.

She is pink, but the most glorious pink I have seen today.  She is just as beautiful as I had anticipated, and I am most grateful for this blessing.

Really this sounds like such a simple moment in my day, ( possibly to you, this even sounds quite ridiculous!)  but to me,  the waiting, the watching,  the mystery .. the small glimpse of beauty, the delicate hint of pink …   perfection.

And then,  the slow unveiling and arrival of such a miraculous beautiful thing as this, brings absolute astonishing Joy to my day.

It’s a simple thing,



Everything ♥

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