Tamara Willems

open up and say …

Many times, I have said or sent this statement to someone I know.

“As you may know, I am a strong believer that if you are thinking something lovely, about someone – you should indeed say it, out loud.  So today, I wanted to say this to you -”

This is something I practice regularly on my husband, which appears in just how many times a day I tell him that I love him.  As it comes unexpected, he usually laughs, but I always say to him, “ I was just thinking it – so I said it out loud!”  I have seen statements to the effect that ‘it’s not what you say, but how you act’ that matters most.   But I believe it’s both, and it is equally important to say things you feel –  especially when they are wonderful!

Now it isn’t always possible for me to tell you directly just how wonderful I think you are, or just how much I admire you and in what way.  Certainly there are times when I fear someone will think me quite odd.  (usually I do it anyway!)

Here then is something I have begun:
In my daily walk of gratitude,  as I am smiling up at the sun,  I say your name.   I include you in my gratitude,  I thank you, I give thanks for you,  I send you Love just where and when you might need it.
I send all good wishes out to you, in hopes that you,
are open

So there it is, my (not so little) secret –  if today you have felt the glorious touch of the sun’s rays on your skin.  If for seemingly no reason at all,  you have received a smile or a kindness,  possibly today I said your name,
out loud.
And it is my hope that you have paused in your day to feel this.
as this is my gratitude,
I am sending

I am wishing you well.

And it strikes me as I am thinking such things,  why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to tell someone?
Why would you ever, let a moment such as this

Sometimes I do this quite quietly,  other times I am inclined to shout it out.  Either way these become some of the nicest words, one can say.

And so,
what have you got to say…

When you are open to giving
you are also

And that, I believe
is a very nice thought  ♥



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