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to look upon kindly…

I’ve just this morning finished a fantastic book, called Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius.  This book was offered to me by a lovely friend.  I’ve tried to ‘ward off’ being lent books too often, as I usually have at least four waiting to come in,  on hold at the library –  which seem to instinctively all arrive at the same time keeping my ‘to be read’ pile amply full.  That is not to mention books I pick up second hand, or order in … or the possible thousands I already have piled up at home!

I do greatly accept book recommendations, suggestions and of course my favourite – free books sent to me for  ‘first read’  or really free books sent to me at any time. (part of what gets me into this mess!)

Also I tend to prefer non-fiction books, biography and memoir to fiction, not always ..  but mostly.  That and a certain aversion to ‘following the crowd’ – my husband will tell you, if the crowd is going left –  I am most definitely …   going right!  Leaves me rarely encouraged by the words ‘international best seller’.   I guess,  I like to discover ..  on my own.

Anyway, to my point is this book, I have just finished.   Ghost Boy, lent to me as I said by a lovely friend, and I do appreciate her kindness, so somewhat reluctantly I interrupt my regularly scheduled reading pile.    At the top, in bold letters – INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER.   Hmmh..    It is indeed a autobiography memoir so …  I begin.

What I can tell you about this book is it is a fantastic read.  A beautiful story of the indelible strength of the human spirit, of kindness and of Love.  It is astonishing, and humbling and at times horrifying,  but in all ways it is inspiring.  It underlines the importance of human kindness to one another and the undeniable importance of human touch.  Of empowerment.  Of seeing each other fully regardless of our challenges or abilities and of respect for human dignity.  And always of the abundant power of hope, Love and kindness.

What also touches me is that when I was handed this book, I see it is a paperback brownish, beige-ish, slightly pinkish.  With the words Ghost Boy printed on the front.  I start reading it without reading any reviews or summaries of what it’s about.  It is only when I am about half way through and I see a picture of it on my Goodreads site – that I realize that on the cover –  is a face,
that I had not somehow seen there.  I guess I looked at the cover as an abstract.  I began it thinking –  ok, I’ll get through this, because I have another book waiting for me already.  It is only after I am fully invested in Martin’s story that I realize ..    I have not seen him,  on the cover.
had not

This and Martin’s story make me think of how often we may look, (or choose not to) but we don’t see.
Martin’s story of incredible strength and endurance, the people who touch his life and unfailingly believe in him.
And just how much we are capable of when we offer a simple kindness to each other.
When we choose to look

Regardless of our ‘outside packaging’ – we are, all of us,  given the opportunity,
indeed capable of much more
when we
take each other’s hands.

We all deserve simple kindness.

We all

This doesn’t seem to be asking too much, does it?

to be seen
to be

and always
to be

we are all capable of

I promise you, you will benefit from reading Martin Pistorius’ story.

Thank you Andrea, for blessing me with the gift
of reading
this book ♥

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