Tamara Willems

and I am forever Grateful for all of this

to you, this day …
no Sunday morning caesar this morning, as my husband is at work 🙁 – however I did wake up to a bit of love left on a note pad by my coffee  🙂
it’s a beautiful day once again, leaving behind the sounds of Herman’s Hermits in the house,
I take a little walk through my garden
the quince, apple and crab apple trees are now in blossom and they joyfully fill the air with heavenly scent.
the bees are busy collecting, ingratiating each beauty with a visit
a stop by the pond, where my water beetle is madly motoring about
and the plenteous strings of eggs have now become tiny tadpoles swishing around new found tails
the ferns are gracefully unfurling their delicate heads in their own blessed time
trillium, I see you too, shyly yet gloriously hidden among the taller bolder ladies, yet to reveal their splendour
Jenny Wren also seems to be quite busy this morning, ‘open house day’ possibly, as she has now visited several nesting houses, looking for just the right one, and chatting loudly to a possible suitor.
without the need for fanfare the Hummingbird dashes in for a brief bit of sweetness, then off she goes again
Mr. Blue (jay) less than patiently waits for a grey squirrel to finish his snack, for his turn at the feeder
the sea of bluebells have finished, to be grandly taken over by a lovely swell of violets, another welcome sight
lilacs are fit to burst forth in clouds of perfume and colour, ready for debut
and here she is, in all her precious beauty Celandine Wood Poppy blessing her little spot under the tree.
closer now, back to the house, I can hear the sounds of Green Day blasting out of the upper windows,
a chain saw in the distance,
the clouds are slowly moving in,
and the laundry awaits my attention ..
I am here
I am present
my senses are filled
and I am forever Grateful for all of this


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