Tamara Willems

on a bright snowy morning…

So this morning, I am determined to feel myself, back among the living,
having spent the later part of Thursday and all of my Friday snuggled up almost simultaneously shivering and sweating, as well as feeling mildly delirious.
When first I wake, my back is complaining royally,  too much lying around, I think
or quite possibly it is the effects of too many holiday treats now beginning their ‘sweet revenge’ of crushing me!  Ha ha!
Time to move, and when I do, I feel rather contracted, somewhat smaller than myself.
and so I set my intentions for the day to breathe deep
to filling my lungs
as I was once instructed in the hospital after a surgery, and a bad turn –
to turn my raisins ..  once again, in to grapes.
breathing fully and deeply to create spaces
in my vertebrae and really to all parts of me that need tending * see all.
I return this morning to my chair by the window,  my comfort
amazed by just how much snow has descended, I hadn’t even looked
out the window
as I read my book, I notice significant cuts on my hand, results of work on Thursday
I gently rub the top of my hand
it feels rather like having lost a day …  of noticing …
but this morning, I am with intention
I breathe deeply and look out at the incredible mounds of fluff
piled heavily on everything
quite beautifying really – of course I wasn’t the one having to move it, or drive in it..
the feeders unfortunately look empty, just  one small junco scavenging in the snow
I notice now just how lovely my chair feels, welcoming and supportive
and even the sort  of cold-ishness I can feel from the window, characteristic of a lovely old house
which some mornings I would complain of draft, this morning
feels wonderfully refreshing
I don’t put on my slippers, but instead allow this feeling of fresh cool air to tickle my toes
my dear husband, my rock has been wonderful, managing to step in and take over
as he does,
even when not feeling so great himself
it is, I think,  the strong sturdiness and inherent goodness of him
that holds and forever expands my heart
and somehow still, after all this time .. amazes me
I make sure to tell him today, just how very much I appreciate him
this morning we both speak of gratitude that this little bug seems to be
fast moving, and hopefully we are all
on the mend
and so today still fairly gently,
I am grateful movement
I can get back to putting away the rest of the Christmas debris
one son has returned to school and that little pull of sadness returns
with the holidays now passed it seems time to settle in
for the wintery-ness of things
first though,  I think I’ll bundle up
and go out,   breathe deep
fill up my lungs with freshness
and just
have a look at things
and then, as always
find my place
say a very grateful good morning
sun  ♥


and a Thank you to you,  for all good wishes xx

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