Tamara Willems

to a brief bit of travel…

Be kind to me this day,
for me, this is how each day begins
this is the message I send out into the world
some days I have the need
to repeat it … often
and I do, as a plea
on gentler days
it becomes my mantra
I say it to beckon kindness
and too
to remind myself, that if this is what you wish to receive
this then
is what you give

this morning, my Love and I, we go to Italy
that is to say in the middle of coffee and our respective reads
I ask my husband,  ‘If you could go anywhere in the world,
where is it you would like to go?’
remarkably to this, we both answer
he immediately thinking of wineries, vineyards and fabulous food
me, I’m thinking of the aesthetics of creamy whites, green and blues
water and stone
sculpture, architecture, art and colours
smells and sounds (or lack of noise really)
tastes and flavours
vibrant and
of walking the Scala dei Turchi, the Turkish steps
the breathtaking beauty of southern Sicily
that I’d been watching last night

after our bit of morning travel
we find ourselves back down to earth
me peeling off old wallpaper, and wheezing from allergies
while he tapes and muds
then rolls the ceiling
we are in the process of restoring our bedroom
or refreshing, I guess really
not off on a dream vacation in Italy
rather on a day off,  at home
with our daughters
putting a dash of Love into our dear old house

in my afternoon, I pause for a cup of tea
step outside to clear my lungs
to breathe deep
and to watch the birds
kindness from a friend, touches my day
and my heart
blessing me

tonight my husband opens us a nice bottle of wine
and we’ll sit down with our family (minus one who’s at school)
to a fabulous dinner
and later, when we climb into bed
surrounded by drop sheets
we may not be looking up at a ceiling painted by
or the chalky white steps of marl
yet it is enough to feel just
in a house full of love
on a day
kindness ♥

“And above all, may I understand that the choice between complaint, indifference, and gratitude is mine at every…moment of my life.” ~ Pierre Pradervand

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