Tamara Willems

seems like a nothing kind of day…

I wake up this morning, not so very early,
with a feeling of joy
my husband slips out of bed
as I stretch my legs across _____________  taking over his side
sleepily I smile
when I do slowly open my eyes, I look at the light
cascading across our newly painted walls
and I think of the illumination of the northern lights
breathing deeply
I stretch my arms out wide and begin with ease to move my fingers
then notice my wedding rings
and just how beautiful they are, and how wonderful this makes me feel
and that seems to me,  quite a perfect way
to make a start…

I have absolutely no obligations today,
nowhere to be, and nothing
to do
that is
nothing that needs my
outside the sky is rather bleak and cold looking
and something rather snizzle-like is streaming in
so here,  here then are my plans
for this day…

I’m going to sink into a rather good book
and a wonderfully comfortable chair
I’m going to watch the birds and the squirrels
as they gather for bits to eat
I am going to marvel and be quite amazed at their lovely attire
later I think I’ll polish my toes in a particularly delightful shade
of pink
so that when it comes time for warm socks and fuzzy slippers
I will still know that they are there
I’m going to send out some words of Love
into a world that sometimes it seems has forgotten
and when it should happen, that I think of you
I’m going to sit down and tell you so
I’m going to listen to the words of someone much smarter than me
and try to bathe myself in
I’m going to kiss my husband, whose lovely soft lips have all the magic
a simple heart needs
to conquer
the whole

I’m going to sip a deliciously spicy turmeric tea
with the sweetness of honey and the warm peppery bite of ginger
and cinnamon
savouring each swallow
as it eases its way through
I’m going to listen to music while singing my heart out
and dance around in the kitchen
I’m going to make sure there’s time for me to tell you just how very
I think you are
even if it feels rather schmaltzy to you
because my darling
I do
I’m going to straighten my husband’s bow tie
kiss him good-bye and swoon a little
as he goes
scent still on my skin
I’m going to laugh with my girls and think too
of my sons and wonder just how these incredible humans
could possibly have come from me
and when it feels time
for another cup of tea
I’ll return to my chair
sit by the window
and set down a few words

and then…

when the day,
comes to an end, as it will
I will crawl into bed
wrap myself up and snuggle in
I will smile to myself
and I will sigh, a great
sigh …

of deep gratitude

for all of the magnificent nothingness
this ♥

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