Tamara Willems

in this life…

Just so we’re clear…

This morning my day begins, as it is Sunday with a lovely lie in.
I slip quietly out of bed, leaving my husband to sleep
come down the stairs to make the coffee.
My oldest son, already up, sits with the cat
watching Duck Soup.
Snow is still falling, and outside everything is white, fluffy and
Instead of gazing dreamily out the window at the wildlife that gathers,
here you will find me..
following around our little dog Frannie with a Mr. Clean doused sponge
as she drags her backside around the hardwood floor
and onto Ted’s bed
when my husband appears, he holds onto the snarling, snapping,viciously biting end of the now Tasmanian devil Frannie has become,
while I wash and trim the dog’s bottom.

… this BEFORE coffee and my book

so, just so we’re clear,  if you follow me here    .. this glamourous life,

is what keeps me here ♥

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