Tamara Willems

yet another, snowy cold day…

It occurs to me this morning,
that I have not spent enough time with
the chickadees…

the cold and I have not been friends this year
well,  really
I am not too sure we ever were
as many childhood memories of my father rubbing my toes
while I cry, come to mind
this winter, the cold seems to hurt
my skin tingles, itches and pains
not quite sure if this is yet one more result of ever fluctuating hormones
or just what
but it does keep me from wanting to spend any more time outdoors
when temperatures are so low
then I absolutely have to
this morning I watch a squirrel busily trying to steal our seed pie
that dangles from a branch by the window
and I think to myself
I have not spent enough time with the chickadees…
funnily enough, shortly after this thought occurs,
a chickadee indeed comes to land
and I smile
when my husband comes in from an early morning meeting
I bundle myself up to join him as we attempt to make a clearing
in the drives
he and Ted head across the street to make a start
then stop to chat with our neighbour
I wave a hello from our side of the street,  as I move off to begin at the house next door
quite quickly my fingers start to hurt terribly from the cold
and I must go in to double up my mittens
I am feeling a little ‘lightweight’ with this unnecessary bit of bother
so I put my mind on other things and instead decide this to be the perfect time
to count one’s blessings
when we are finished with the shovels
my husband and the dogs go in, while I grab the camera
and instead stay out
heeding the pull for a bit of
I stop over for a few shots of my lovely roses that have been kind enough to stay
with me through the cold, sometimes colourless seeming season
I top up the feeders with fresh seed and a few nuts
for my gang of bandits
enjoying the quietness of this snowy morning,  the friends I am inviting
are exactly my kind of crowd
as we offer each other just enough space
for comfort
beauty, graciousness
for kindness
I look up at the blue sky , search for patterns in the clouds
and I smile at the sun
let it fill me with light
I laugh when a cheeky branch attempts to snatch off my hat
and then,  when I am feeling full
I offer up my gratitude

because on a snowy cold morning
such as this
snow sparkles, and
a time spent with chickadees
really does a heart
good ♥

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