Tamara Willems

well, bluer than blue…

Hello Mr. Blue,
this is how my morning starts

enjoying my coffee while watching the Blue’s come and go at the feeder
outside the window, more snow is falling
when I say to my husband,
Just look at Mr. Blue!
and he says,  looks like a blue jay to me
yeah, I say,  but just look at his colour,  the blue’s against the white,
he’s so gorgeous
and he says,  looks like a blue jay to me…

three times in the last day and a half
someone has blessed me by sharing video of a young boy
talking about what it is you practice
if you practice negative thinking, you become very good at
thinking negative
if you practice anger, you become an expert at anger
if you practice worry, or the ‘it’s not fair’s of the world
than it is this you become very good at
if however you practice joy…   well,  you see

my heart expands with this each time I have listened
and been blessed by these simple truths
for it is here
I am

it is with these eyes I choose to view the world

it is in the flow of words on the page that swirl deliciously on my tongue
it is in the hue of colours on the walls, that calm, comfort and soothe
that catch my eye when I am deep in thought
make my shoulders instantly settle to an ease
and always invoke
my smile
it is in loving my husband grandly, everyday
in giving freely of my heart
so that I will always know
it is in the majestic beauty of nature, plants, animals and birds
the magical simplicity of a simple snowflake
as it falls
it is in the glorious golden gleam of the sun
that fills me
and the brightest beaming illumination of a freshly cut
sliver of a crescent moon
it is in the exquisite eye of a photographer, a painter,  a sketcher
a creator
in the writers of words, of songs, of Love
it is in the storytellers
and the truth tellers
those that touch my heart, that take my breath
that speak the words
when I am

it is in the brilliance of minds, and the kindest of hearts
and those that make me

it is in forever humbly, repeatedly and wholeheartedly
offering my deepest
everyday,  and in all ways

and this, comes with a practice
and it is…
a practice of simple

because when it is this that you practice
it quite simply is this
that you

so, my dear friends

What then
is it
that you practice?  ♥

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