Tamara Willems

it’s Love day…

My ode to the day of hearts & flowers, oh and chocolate ….
a great proponent of Love, I don’t believe in designating just one day to celebrate.
Instead I believe it should be celebrated everyday, every hour, every minute!
In all ways,
in caring, 
in compassion,
in consideration,
in kindness,
in forgiveness,
in acceptance,
in speech,
in actions,
in being.
I believe in Love and loving,
in motion,
in stillness,
deep down
so, I’ll welcome this 14th day of February not with cynicism, but as a lovely reminder
to Love.
to speak it,
to show it,
to share it,
to encourage it,
to Cherish it,
and to Honour it
not just on this ‘special day’
in all ways.
so there you have it, my hearts and flowers to share with you..
oh, and the chocolate,
well, I’m a big proponent of that too, I’m just not quite as good with the sharing .. 
Happy Valentine’s Day 

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