Tamara Willems

it’s today, it’s today… ♥

So here it is again, the day for love
then let me begin,
by waking up into sunshine, ever thankful for a day off
by straightening my husband’s bow tie, again before he goes
and savouring
by reading over ‘Be My Valentine’ words of love he has left me
written on lined paper,  in song titles of the Bay City Rollers, no less

you know, most everyday I listen to the words of a love song, set to music
written in a poem, a letter or a book
and I think to myself.. who writes these words of love, simple, solid
and sincere
to feel so much for someone with such gratitude, as to share
it with the world, and not to be afraid of losing
well, I guess I do

I believe words of love to be the most beautiful thing
whether written down or spoken out loud
it is the loveliest thing to tell someone just how you feel
when you feel it
we don’t,  I think,   do this … often enough
we are afraid, I guess
my thinking is …   what’s to lose?
so much

let me tell you this, such a wonderful liberating feeling
to speak of Love, just as you are feeling it
to let the words catch one off guard
and snatch your breath
to let them fill you up, to feel your heart swell up in your chest
or to whisper them softly
to the wind
in hopes that they reach you, just
where you are

you don’t need to have a ‘valentine’ present
or even an intended recipient
words of Love start with you
and in you
and to
start with kindness
and compassion
and presence

cynicism of the day, a load of rubbish, waste of time, I don’t have anyone..
not true,
there is always someone for you to say I Love you to
always, and often
out loud

because love starts within
it is always here
and what you give, multiplies
not because you have been told this is the day
or this is what you need to spend
rather because this
is what you

You are Love

so this then is my Valentine to you
from my heart
today and everyday

I wish you Love  ♥

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