Tamara Willems

a day for stiff joints, and falling into France

The morning dawns as most days, in a quiet smile
and gratefulness
to begin
a rather overcast day it appears, and although I have heard the snowplow
thundering its way down the street, I am in no hurry to rush out
when I do look, I see that yes it has snowed once again,  but not too terribly much
my day off anyway, and today’s plan is
to get stuck in to a new book
it’s one I started a few days ago, but snippets of time to read on break and lunch at work
has not afforded much time to fully
sink in
the fingers on my right hand are tightly locked, and my forearm is rather sore
so I let my husband go out to do the clearing
while I am content to manage only the weight of my coffee cup
and a bookmark

what I am currently reading is by one of my very favourite authors Mary S. Lovell
The Riviera Set: 1920 – 1960 The golden years of glamour and excess
and ah yes…
is my set
lavish lifestyles, decadence, flowing fashions, leisure, but also (quite importantly)
intelligent women
expertly navigating a changing times
England, France..  ah yes.. take me away

while in the background it is not Cole Porter I can hear,
but rather Green Day that is accompanying my husband’s workout
this too, suits my idea of comfort
and I am quite quickly fully immersed
and might I say
madly in love

when I do decide it is time to step out of my book
(and into my day)
also probably time to move from my chair, (as I can’t seem to ring a servant)
I look out the window and instead of the grey, wet drizzly like stuff falling
I envision
gorgeous sunshine and a breeze off the south of France
I speak to my lovely husband about the lifestyle that I thought,
I should like to be accustomed to,
and probably shouldn’t he
be providing my
and when he is sufficiently amused
not the least by my having acquired a limp from a crick in my right leg
(a combination of yesterday’s work, and possibly..  sitting too long)
he kisses me
and goes out the door
I slowly lift my stiff right arm
and in the words of the great Scarlet O’Hara,
I say to him
“Fiddle-dee-dee”, (but in a very regal British accent)
and off I go,
plunger in hand..
as apparently there is a stopped up toilet
that requires my attention

and really,  what’s a girl to do..

and who really needs champagne,  it’s time for tea

ah yes, it is the great luxuries of life
and love
that keep one’s heart
grateful  ♥

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