Tamara Willems

with a day full of … nothing

There is never enough time for all the nothingness, one wants to do,
these are the words that run through my head on days of
gorgeous sunshine
and fantastically blue skies
I wonder if we don’t value nothingness, as much as we should
really I can’t think of a more perfect day than
a quiet read of my book
an early morning gaze out my window
listening to the birds
and then
a wander of great gratitude in my garden
signs of love, signs of beauty
signs of
out here and always
I wonder too,  if in some respects I might be called
inactive,  quite possibly all true
really, what I think I am is acutely aware of the passing of time
not always on a calendar or a clock
but in a measure of living
and of
three days a week I work at a job that is not my ‘calling’
or my ‘joy’
I do wonder sometimes, how I got
it is hard, physically and I am never certain I am ‘good’ at it
but it provides me a necessary paycheque
and the blessing of knowing the people I get to work
and really it makes the days that I am not at work
even more valuable to me
and my
well being
so I take gratitude in this
on a day off I think of all of the things I need to
and while I am making my mental list
of things to do
words dance around in my head
and tickle their way through my body
the unfamiliar trill of a bird, catches my ear
makes me wonder…  starts to call me out
and before I know it
I have wandered
and gazed
I have watched delicate petals of early blossoms
dance around me as they fall
softly and silently
to earth
I have reveled and bowed
I have smiled and I have
I have stood and I have swelled
I have gathered and I have
and then

I have sat
I have sorted
I have thought
I have spilled out the words as they come to me
and again
I have bowed to a
because really for me..
this is exactly how I wish to spend my time here

just quietly



and filling myself

that feels like quite enough fullness
simple pleasures,  quiet joys
a good read
a little music
and somehow I have dreamily lulled myself into the late
afternoon …

what was I was going to do today? ♥


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