Tamara Willems

to finding your song…

My husband is up early, by the time I come down the stairs
he is already outside rooting things up
in the garden
while I, feeling quite tired this week
relish a bit of a lie in
and a day off
he has just the morning, before work
and so he is up and busy
puttering outside, and then he is off on his bike
before I have even had a second cup
I do come out first thing, to feed the birds
but then I am happy to return
to my book,  for a little anyway
before long I have joined him in the sunshine
this then, is the rhythm of us
perhaps I am slow and steady
while he
gets things done
most times the only rushing I do
is in my head
when thoughts and worries attempt unruly coups
I would say,  I am quite active in my cultivation
of a peaceable
this is how I manifest gratitude
I like to quietly observe
to notice
I believe this, is how you
this morning, I take in just how lovely and vibrantly red is the lady bug
who has flown in and landed on my husband’s shirt
this simple kind of thing has me briefly in awe
also, the jumbo-ness of a couple of bumblebees
buzzing about
my Queen of the Night tulips, showing signs of recent visitation
by the scant splattering of pollen that remains on their petals
as well as the chattering voracious bit of song in the branches above
from my little wren, remarkable that voice.
indeed spectacularly loud from one
so tiny
my husband again finds morels in the front garden and I am delighted
as I know there are fairies at work
we take our wander around
looking at things that need to be done
trimmed, moved, perhaps tidied up
and yet we don’t begin a single thing
we just keep walking
my favourite kind of walk
just looking,
we call it ‘the tour’
we take it together
just he and I, and most times the dog
we work well together
in this kind of life

in this rhythm of us

it is I would say, a great, great blessing
to absolutely love one’s life
despite the broken washing machine, the sometime
conflicting work schedules
the smattering of life’s little annoyances

it all comes and goes with a gentler kind of ease
when you can find great beauty

when you can see it
and hear it

when you can offer space
open understanding
kindness and

when you can know the worthiness of love
when you can feel it’s swell

it is in You

that’s where it starts
that’s where it lives
that is
where you will find it

Consciously is how you give it
and how
receive it

that is the rhythm of us

and that
my favourite song  ♥


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