Tamara Willems

it’s just simple things…

It’s just simple things,  that get me
like sunshine and flowers
morning coffee outside
where the only sounds are the rustle of newspaper,
turning pages in my book
and the greetings of the birds
a day spent with my love
doing just as we wish
picking up some plants for the garden
and a couple of new fish
a cold sip of beer on a hot afternoon
and a sneaky pat
on the
sunshine that lights on a small pot of Red Rubin hens n’ chicks
then reflects the ripples of the water across my face
the gentle graceful bend
of the iris leaves
and some standing tall
it’s the arrival of a fantastically delicate Swallowtail
beautifully yellow and black
even when I know I’ll never make it to the camera
and back
it’s the bluest sky
and a lovely breeze
it’s the kindness of a friend
and the sweetness of a kiss
it’s when a whole tray of pansies, and a primrose
comes into view
and knowing they are my favourites,
he says, Why don’t you get them!?!
and then such a dear as a Rose English Daisy
is the loveliest of pinks, with the charming-est of names
I just can’t resist

so that’s when you find me here,
once again
bubbling over

It’s just simple things that get me

Gratitude and…
did I say

and yes,  Love  it’s just a simple thing  ♥

I hope you did something lovely for yourself today,  and if not,  here then is a thought for tomorrow!  

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