Tamara Willems

the scent of warm sun on skin…

This morning while out on some errands we stop to fill up on gas
as my husband gets out to  pump
I sit and watch, as the breeze gathers all of the wishes it can muster
from the nearby field of dandelions gone to seed
and sends them swirling in to the air
just in front of me
and I feel very blessed by the offering
of wishes…

it really is my kind of day,
indeed another scorcher, deliciously hot
(of course this  I love, as I do not have to be at work)
the sun on my skin is so wonderfully warm it almost sizzles
and I take it in small increments before retreating to a shady spot
stretches of high humidity tend to make one feel
l — a — n — g — u — i — d
but for me, also feels quite luxurious
like the perfect day for lazing by the pool
in an over-sized hat
for drinks on the terrace
in gorgeous summer costumes
where I actually am,  is sitting by my little pond,
indulging in turmeric tea
where currently my social companions are a couple of fish
a few tadpoles
small snail
yet here I sit,  perfectly and contentedly

wonderful things are happening today
I just know it
probably some terrible things too
but I
am really just in search of the

it’s the kind of day when the clouds
are gloriously changing
coming and going in puffy billows
softly tinged with grey
and then
graceful wisps of white
dancing across an endless azure backdrop

it’s the kind of day where I can take a walk of gratitude
in a practice of noticing and welcoming
signs of abundance
in hidden
and then to find myself standing
right beside
a pair of baby sparrows sitting snugly in the dogwood
and marvel that they are not the least bit disturbed
by my

are peaceful

it’s the kind of day when kisses are soft
where heart beats are fast
and fluttery

and after you have gone,

it’s where
can be found
just gratefully

at the sun  ♥

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