Tamara Willems

and I just wanted to tell you…

In the garden today, the Bridal Wreath Spirea is bloomin’ beautiful,
full to bursting with her tiny white clusters of flowers
and then
when the breeze comes she will scatter her bounty
like confetti
all around
it is
and when she is finished
she is left there,  with only green
and I will love her just the same
I do love this transition,  it is to me a little bit
of magic
and so  I tell her just how lovely she is when she is full of flower
and then again
when those flowers have gone

‘I just wanted to tell you that’,
this is something I say often
and something I believe in very strongly
how very important it is to tell people, how you feel
exactly when
you are feeling it

it is the most comforting feeling in the world
to know that someone loves you
and even when you do know,  it is so wonderful
and deliciously reassuring to
hear it
wouldn’t you agree?

and how about appreciation
and kindness
it can change your smile,
it can change your heart
your outlook
and indeed your world
to express it, to hear it, to be surprised by it
and to
feel it
to have it suddenly wrap around you like a warm blanket
on a cold day
to have it dance across your skin like soft kisses
or to light a spark
that you’ve been missing
such a lasting difference it can make for someone who needs to hear it,
and let’s be honest here, we,  all of us
need to hear it

it is the easiest gift to give someone
a kind thought
a kind word
a genuine feeling
even when you are unsure of how it will be taken

once a long time ago I got a call from someone who,  out of the blue
wanted to express their love for me
unrequited I guess,
and while this did not actually ‘light a spark’
as my heart had already been captured, and while also I’m quite sure
I probably wasn’t really “the one”
I did tell him later just how very much I did appreciate it
the courage it must have taken
the willingness to throw caution to the wind
with really, nothing to lose..
it did indeed expand my heart, and even today I always smile
when I see him

we are not always so good with compliments
we don’t know how to respond, we brush them off
blow them away
sometimes we don’t even
but when they are genuine, I believe it is so important
to take them in
and to hold them dear
(really, who doesn’t like the idea of a secret admirer)

quite honestly there is certainly more than enough bitter, callous, unthinking
unkindness in the world
why ever, would you want to add to this?

if I can encourage you to do one thing today,
it is this,
tell someone…
tell someone,  how much you appreciate them
or love them, or maybe one time, a long time ago you had a crush on them
tell them why
tell someone, you admire their courage, their perseverance or determination
their bravery
how very kind they are
or lovely, or smart
or simply just how wonderful you think they are
just because
you do

it is the easiest thing to do
and it becomes even easier if you make it
a practice

to my thinking, what a wonderful gift you give to the world
when you begin to scatter kindness and love

so this gift today,  from me to you

and oh how I

and I just wanted to tell you that ♥


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