Tamara Willems

and this…

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about telling people how you feel about them,
saying something wonderful.
What I just want to add to that is to make sure this always includes – Yourself.
Last night, I went to my blog and revisited my ‘about me’ page –
and I took out a sentence where I had said – ” I would never be so bold as to call myself a writer or a poet”
I took it out, because it”s simply not true.
I’m pretty proud of things I have written.
They touch my heart, sometimes still make me cry, but also,
always they make me smile – as they are parts of me …   (warts an’ all)

Make sure to take some time to be proud of yourself.
That too, I believe,
can change the world.

that’s… all I wanted to say. 

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