Tamara Willems

holding on to gentle…


I can tell l when I am holding on too tightly
when my grip is too firm
when my feet hurt from being on them
because I am standing much too hard on the
I try to be aware of my jaw and if my teeth are gritted
I know when joints start to ache, that I am clenching
too much
when my fuse feels
and my boiling point is just below
the surface
I know when…  and I know why
but still…

fortunately,  for me I also know
to go gently
how to ease
and to be kind

this is not to say however, that I remember this always
or even, at precisely the right times
but I do try…

my first thoughts this morning, are that once again
great ignorance and stupidity has won out
just by being
loud and obnoxious
and how very
disappointing that is

also I am thinking that I shall not let myself be pulled into the growing cynicism
of the world
and just how very mystifying it is, our being gathered in by the power-hungry-misogynistic-narrow-minded-selfish-back-to-the-dark-ages-not-even-real-politicians— (big breath in….. )  and then, handing them the reins?

I shall not be pulled,
I cannot

I need sunshine,  flowers and quiet
I need sanctuary
I need,
my garden

instead,  there are errands, groceries to buy
groceries to put away
there is ironing and laundry
there is a husband to straighten, and send off to work
there are kids, and dogs
and cats to feed

there are dishes and spills
and things to tidy
and then…
and then…

and then,
there is this
Anthony Bourdain, dead at 61
apparent suicide.

I am stunned
and once again I am wondering why it is,  we just can’t seem to do better
each other

and I am fearful of such abject sadness that can take a person to such a place

and I am sorry for his daughter
and I am sorry his friend Eric

and I am sorry for the things that we cannot

I am sad for addictions, and afflictions and hearts that don’t feel whole
I am sad for loneliness and bullies
and for scars that don’t heal
I am sad for meanness, and miserliness and hearts that
can’t see

and I just wish there was some way,  we could do better
be better

Please, Please, Please believe in the worthiness of you
in the power of love
and the strength you have within and
reach out

Please ask for help
ask for kindness
ask for guidance

I don’t know the answers to this,
I only know we all need somebody

and we can all   Be

being kind and loving is not an impossible task

and it is oh so very necessary, to live

sometimes things in life are very

from my heart to you,
I can only offer you this

Love and kindness to surround you
wherever you are


May peace
find you
whole   ♥

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