Tamara Willems

as before me there was you…

as before me there was you…

before me, there was my sister. indeed, I would say my first friend, my protector, my confidant.
my magic, my shared sense of wonder and curiosity
my person to emulate,
and oh so very often,  my courage
my barrel of monkeys
my hand to hold, my light in the dark
my shelter from things that go bump in the night
the one who let me know that Santa had been here, and just what ‘I’ had in my stocking
my dance partner or really the one who let me stand by and
tap out the beat for her performance
leader of the band,  who’d hand me the tambourine, as we joined in with the Defranco Family
on our K-tel records
also the one who put me off the combination of peanut butter and honey,
after we thought eating a whole sticky bowl of failed cookie batter off our hands was the perfect solution
the trusted Sentinel to our combined Halloween candy stash
later stolen by ‘mice”  (we still need to talk about that one)
keeper of the home fires, when I was away in hospital and our mother stayed with me
often the early carrier of great responsibility

my conspirator
and fellow survivor
my constant

my sister, I can tell you is courageous and smart,  creative and articulate
she is funny, and fun
and adaptable
she is capable, able and she is strong

we took different paths in life,  as you do
we stretch, we change, we grow
we leave,
we come back
we lead,  we follow

we help
we hurt
we support, we sustain
we laugh, we cry
we withhold
we silence
we struggle
we whine

and then,

we laugh again

and now,
we find ourselves miles and miles apart

still,  we hold on to the knowing
of our hearts

and to this
our constant

Happy Birthday Wishes to my sister Jennifer (Jenna), in kind dedication

with this,
to you
and for

my constant
gratitude  ♥

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