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a book, a gush and a good bit of gratitude

So this post is by way of a book review and it comes with the utmost heartfelt gratitude to the author of such a book as this:   Rumi and The Red Handbag by the lovely Shawna Lemay.

But first just a little about the author, and just how this book came to find
The author as mentioned is the lovely Shawna Lemay, as it says inside the cover – a writer, blogger, photographer and library assistant –  who I came to know from following a blog, that I am not even sure how I discovered,  called Calm Things.  (if you have followed me here, you may see how I was drawn to this)  A beautiful blog of poetry and pictures, insight and questions and just as it says, beautiful calm things.
Where you can find Shawna now is at Transactions With Beauty, equally as wonderful a spot, for the same such beautiful things.
I knew that Shawna was a published author and as I already appreciate the things she shares, I was keenly interested to read more.
Which brings me to my previous post in which I write:

I am floating rather luxuriously I guess you could say, through a wonderful book –
that I will speak about at another time
it is one that somehow seems to have been speaking to me, for awhile
and since finally acquiring it, I have held it and lightly brushed its cover with my fingertips
but not yet opened
as to not spoil it before I had time to be consumed
I am not someone who reads for mass volume
that is to say to get through as many as I can,  I don’t set a goal, or make a pledge
to read this many books by such a time
I like the ones that seem to find me
and I try to intentionally take in every word, when there are things I hope to learn
or words from someone who has me constantly nodding my head or
suddenly closing the book and clutching it to my chest when I feel overwhelmed by the sensation that these words might possibly be written on my very own heart
a pretty fantastic feeling, I can tell you
and this one, is just such a book “

I don’t quite feel as if I can adequately do this lovely book justice, for just how wonderful I thought it was.
It is just simply the most beautiful thing.
It had me completely consumed by every single word, image and character.  From the vintage feel of the secondhand dress shop, to the mysteries contained.  The perceptions of the known as well as the unknown.  To friendships, connections and to questions. To beauty, kindness and fragile things.
To the courage it sometimes takes one to just be seen.  And too,  to Rumi.

So very many things I loved about this story, I hesitate to list them here as to not give anything away.
It has me wanting to hand out copies in the street, while at the same time keep it safe and protected as to not spoil a single magical thing.  (which hardly seems fair to the author)
So much more I wish to say..   so very much is currently floating through my chest, I hesitate to spill it all out here, as it just feels quite wonderful,    right where it is.
I am always aware that people’s taste in reading,  is quite varied. What one finds quite wonderful might strike someone else as just .  meh.  Sometimes it is timing, perspective, styles of writing, the use of words and language.
For me this lovely little book,  will go straight to my favourites shelf,  and better still – it has me in search of just the right handbag in which I will slip
my much loved copy
of this
beloved, beautiful
so that I am never,  without.

Thank you so very much Shawna Lemay for this book, this gift,  and all it contains.
I remain,
most grateful to have found you
both  ♥

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