Tamara Willems

suffer the children…

This morning I am reading in my book by Brother David Steindl-Rast, about his life growing up in Austria.  I am currently between the years 1936-1948, the time of Nazi occupation and World War.  Families and children disappearing quickly.

At the same time, the news from the US is full of children being taken from their parents and being put in to large ‘camps’, tent cities and cages.  CAGES!?!
And it all reads so eerily familiar,   I am wondering just how this can be 2018.

Today is my day for writing,  but I so don’t like being pulled into the atrocities of the world.   I don’t want this on my skin, or poking holes in my heart.
I don’t like trying to somehow make sense of these senseless acts.  Not just further irrational acts by a completely irrational man.  But just how any and all peoples involved here,
and I mean, ALL – as operations of this magnitude takes a lot of people, big and small –
can think this is anything but

I don’t want this on my skin,  I don’t want this under
my skin
I don’t want this running through my veins..

How, How,  How,  do we allow these things to happen..  How?
We as humanity belong to each other, we are responsible for each other, and we need
each other.

This just can not be.

It cannot be.

Again, I turn to the venerable Elie Wiesel for guidance,

“We cannot indefinitely avoid depressing subject matter, particularly if it is true, and in the subsequent quarter century the world has had to hear a story it would have preferred not to hear – the story of how a cultured people turned to genocide, and how the rest of the world, also composed of cultured people, remained silent in the face of genocide. (v)” 

We just can NOT allow this to be.

We  just

As I said earlier today, this is not unbelievable,  we can see it happening before our very eyes.  It is wholly believable.
is what I would say instead.

It’s a dear old world, but some times
it really breaks my heart

Let me close this with the words of Br. David Steindl-Rast that I read just this morning:
” While we exclude anyone from the circle of belonging, we are making a tear at the fabric of the world and of humanity.  
Only when our sense of belonging is all-embracing can we speak of love.”

and if you know me,  I do
believe in the power
of LOVE.


May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you be SAFE and at EASE

and May you always find compassion
for your suffering.  ♥

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