Tamara Willems

freedom to soar…

“Behave so the aroma of your actions may enhance the general sweetness of the atmosphere.” 
      ~ Henry David Thoreau 

Yesterday,  I take a walk outside
the only sounds are the birds and a faraway
lost in thought
I stop and stand on a rock that we have not yet sunken into
the path
feet together, my hands are on my hips, I stand looking up
at the sky
at the billows of white, some brightly  touched by sunlight
some grey..  looming
I breathe in deep and lose myself in the silence
that surrounds me
in the nature of leaves, trees and clouds
in an endless sky
above me, as far up as I can see,  maybe nine birds
soaring in a graceful synchronized bit of
Tai Chi
perfectly fluid in motion
and while I am still, I can feel myself soaring
I breathe in and notice I am now standing taller
I feel as if I have joined the vastness of the sky
and in this spot, in this silence
in this great poetry of motion above
I am
to overflowing
so much so that I can almost feel tears


some days it is as simple
as just

here I am

open …  like sky  ♥

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