Tamara Willems

a wonder-filled walk for two…

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” 
 ~ John Joseph Powell

It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining so very brightly
and its hot,  like really hot
as today I do not have to be at work (therefore not sweating profusely in a greenhouse)
it is also known to me
lovely and
gorgeously hot
so much so that when I have finished my wander of
wonder and
my favourite place to be is in my chair
at the corner of the patio, mostly shaded in our gargantuan wisteria vine
but still sunshine on one shoulder
the garden is such that no matter how hot it gets
with all the encouraged vegetation, one can always feel a bit of breeze
and you hardly register how very hot it is… out there,
that is
you move
so you see, a gentle stillness is preferred here
from my chair, behind me I can hear birds happily splashing in the bird bath
that I have just
piled up like children at a slide, all not-so-patiently waiting for their chance to go in
each time I sit here now, the fish gather in a
sweet silent serenade, just beside me
mouths in constant motion
they make my little heart sing too
the young cardinals hop in for a splash at the other bath
that seems reserved just for them
no line ups
a couple of gold finch were here this morning, to beat the heat
I suppose
and the chipmunks are ever busy in their gathering
a young robin whom I’m sure was born here, as he seems to hang around
has just enjoyed a grand splash
and then shake
showing off his lovely spotted tummy, not yet so regal as a red breast
a couple of toad stools appeared out of the dampness
so I know well
the fairies are here
as always I have greeted the flowers, the squirrels
and the bees
awed and admired and tried not to
checked in on the several late tadpoles
still waiting transformation
and then too
I have stopped
and spoken
with the

what I was actually  thinking about today was
and our being seen
and how very much I do appreciate
the kindness
of you
and possibly just how to tell you once again
without my sounding sappy
and full of

but I seem to have wandered off…

so then here, let’s just take a walk
without the need to think up words
and let me show you
how wonder –  full
feels  ♥

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