Tamara Willems

gardening solitude…

Today I’ll make myself a work of art
And revel in my own version of unmade
Fear of missing out, it’s become a thing
In the age of full contact we seem to suffer greatly from the fear of missing out
It’s an interesting world for an introvert
At times wanting to stay connected, but also quite
Protective of my need for solitude
I guess it comes with the fact that I am not a good hostess
Awkward and uncomfortable with someone in my space
Quite sure I fail at all social graces
I am inclined to prefer the company of birds, bees, butterflies and fish
The trick here is to stay connected to the world
Whilst also disconnecting from the world
Inviting you into my garden (of words)
While keeping its sanctity all to myself
Maybe it’s all just human nature
Opening ourselves to the sun
Still slightly fearful
Burned 💗

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