Tamara Willems

a little music, a lotta sunshine and peace in the making…

This morning, sitting outside with my coffee and book (sound familiar)
the day again,  is gorgeous, sunshine, blue sky, lovely breeze
very briefly as I look around from my vantage point, at the birds,
at the flowers,  at a beautiful sea of green foliage of all kinds
I have a slight feeling of just how fast
it will be
it is now mid-July…  already
the trumpet vine is open and glorious, and just the other day I marveled at how very full
it was
a bountiful bloom
then a fast hard beating of rain, and much of it
lies on the ground
it is still just as beautiful, but not quite as full
I can feel time passing
for a few flash moments I start to feel a slight panic pulsing
uncertainty..  it is
isn’t it?
when we feel unknowing, of things to come
or of things that have gone
powerless to the passing of time
worries over decisions made.. or never made
missed opportunities, words not spoken, at the right time
things that could have been done
to racing thoughts of future decisions
future unknowns,  uncertainties
things to
things to do…  things to make

it is to this I bring my practice
and this my desire to
be here
to just enjoy, to witness, to observe
to offer my complete gratitude
for simple things, often otherwise overlooked
to relinquish things that never were in my
as well as to acknowledge those things that are not now
or ever will be
in control

while I sit here tapping out words
emptying the contents of my head
a little chipmunk comes to sit right beside me,
(and I have left the camera indoors!)
peacefully we each take a moment to regard each other
then, he is off to gather seeds at the feeder
while I am sat quietly watching
he comes back and forth several times, cheeks full
and then he inches up so very close, while he slips in for a drink
at the pond
the magic of this is not something you get to experience everyday
and I feel blessed by his company
by this peaceful encounter
by this exchange of mutual
by this gratitude
and always,
by this practice

this –  to be here
right now
this state of
where every blessing of peace
is welcome

is the heart

and so it is a practice for me
to always
start here

when in doubt, clear your mind
follow your heart…

inside  ♥

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