Tamara Willems

a day to be… me

is my day to

When first I wake this morning, I am in no hurry to rise
even though I can hear the dog barking which then turns into a howl
he thinks he has been left
the clock says 7:45, which means both sons have left for work
and my husband is off to the driving range to
teach lessons
still I am not yet ready to
too tired and anticipating stiffness
from hands that were overtaxed yesterday at work
I drift back into dream
I dream that my neighbour has cut down a large tree
and a shrub
creating a rather large hole in our fence line
and I am horrified
somehow this mingles with a dream of an intense and quite nasty
fight with my daughter, in which both of us are horrible human beings
when finally I do get up and make my way downstairs
I am happy to find, neither of these things have actually happened
so there’s a bit of gratitude ..  already
I am however,  indeed feeling sort of off today
weary, and my allergies still reeking havoc
causing bouts of dizziness
making my face puffy and my vision blurry
and while I am not nearly as sore and stiff as I thought I might be
I am still feeling the need for
I take my coffee outside and sit peacefully to finish my book
just me
a couple of young blue jays,  and a robin in the bird bath keeping cool
a tiny peep below, and I know a toad is on his way to the pond
when I look up as a lovely breeze whispers through
a dragon fly and then a gorgeous swallowtail grace my
my husband comes in,  with just enough time for a kiss
a couple of seconds of catch up
a shower, a quick change
another kiss
and then,  again he is
I miss him already

a gorgeous plump bee buzzes into my field of vision
and I decide
to follow him out for a walk

Now one might wonder,  but what are you doing?
What are you getting done?
What is it You are contributing to the world?

I guess,
maybe, I’m just trying to slow it down a little

offer a little courage
a little kindness
a little

that’s all,  because it’s Friday
and Friday
is my day to
be …

… me  ♥

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