Tamara Willems

talk to me about love…

Talk to me of the birds and the bees
and I am inclined to listen…

This morning I got to spend about an hour with my husband which (other than sleeping) at this time of year is a pretty remarkable thing.  It’s a busy time at his work, and when he’s not busy at his regular job,  he’s a golf teacher, and it is indeed the season for golf.  This morning between lessons, he is home and I am home (my much coveted day off) and we ..  are in the garden.

Our own version of a romantic getaway,  (for me anyway) – he is clearing a gutter and doing some trimming, while I am happily wandering with my camera.  All the while we are having a wonderfully entertaining and sometimes ridiculously silly conversation, which also includes a comedy sketch that requires me to set down my camera and crawl on hands and knees under the outstretched ladder to try and retrieve the clippers that he has just dropped haphazardly into the pond!
This I tell him, is exactly what got me into this mess – this ease and comfort in his company, this silly sometimes saucy conversation, and mostly this ..  his great ability to make me laugh.
Well, this and also that the very thought of him makes my heart flutter, even now.. 26 years later.

I am trying not to notice that it is fast approaching the end of July, refusing to allow for any lament to steal away my pleasure.  I am instead today feeling quite in love with life.  I am marveling at the beauty of the bees in all their fine detail, and how lovely that the ones inhabiting the Black-eyed Susan’s are so perfectly co-ordinated in vibrant black and yellow.
I am mesmerized by the intricate patterns in the centre of my lovely sunflowers and just how naturally they shine their beauty, by simply allowing themselves to be .. open.

This morning I read this passage in a wonderfully insightful book by David Whyte called Consolations:

Shyness is an invitation to a particular form of beauty, to qualities that are meant to be both practiced and cultivated; shyness is our friend; the annunciation that we are just about to walk through the door and through all our difficulties, attempt another beginning.

The absolute beauty of these words catch in my throat, brush past my ears and enter my skin..
in loving gentle whispers of..   I am this..
they glide and gather in gratitude at the centre of my being,
in a beautiful kind of
as every day,  I indeed attempt
.. another beginning.

The great blessing of life is to every day be blessed
by life

to find love, to expand in love and yes,
to live
in love

every day …  it’s all here

all it really takes,

is a little
recognition.  ♥

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