Tamara Willems

a brief spot of unwellness…

So this is the story of me today,
for some unknown reason my left leg is swollen at the top
and very sore
I can’t think of anything I have done to strain it, but Monday night it started to hurt
then I had to work yesterday and by the end of a 10 hour day
I was in quite a lot of discomfort
by the time I got home all of my skin had started to hurt, and I wasn’t sure if it was from
compensating for pain all day or if possibly I had picked up a bug and these two things
just happen to coincide
so today,  as I don’t have to be at work,  I have no choice (or more intentionally)
I have made it my choice
to sit
and try to find my ease
because – and my apologies here to my friends or anyone who suffers with debilitating illnesses especially those dealing with chronic pain
because,  I find it darn inconvenient to be attacked by my own body
(as I am sure you do too!)
anyway,  that is my tale of woe (rather undramatic, I know)
the blessing I suppose is that after a little moaning  (we all are entitled to a little of that!)
what is then received is an outpouring of kindness and love
and these are indeed two of my favourite things
and really in my simple opinion,  capable of seeing one through
most things

kindness and love,
we are surely all entitled
to a little of that

it’s damp and overcast outside
still quite hot and humid and even though the air conditioning is on
I am  vastly over-heated
but feeling the need for a little fresh air
so I take my camera out for a brief hobble around the gardens
keeping my eyes open
for small
a quiet little chat with the flowers and a squirrel
and a short visit with a black blue and orange butterfly
has me feeling a lot less moan-y and a little more convalescent
and so, as prescribed,  I’m going to settle in
my chair
with a cup of tea
a hot water bottle  (a hot water bottle, is that still a thing? or have I just told you how old I am!??)
and my book
and as a way to ease myself through, I’m going to say a few names
of the friends that I know of
who suffer
and also for those souls anywhere
who suffer
any way

I’m going to offer up some loving- kindness
to you ..  and to me
and then I’m going to send it out on the breeze
that we

may all
well  ♥

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