Tamara Willems

every day…

This is my companion today
as I went out for my walk of quiet gratitude
in the garden
among the flowers

this young cardinal sits in the tree above me
chin tilted up,  beak open
and as I repeatedly snap photos
she poses,  we
and I laugh and ask her,  just what she is doing?

she is hot (another terribly humid day),
she is caroling joy into a bright blue sky (although she is not making a sound),
she is taking time to
she is definitely posing

when I come in to look at the pictures of the flowers
and the bees
to see if anything today appears in focus
I come to these pictures of the cardinal
and I laugh

she is breath
she is joy
she is pause
she is wonder

and right now,  she is the brightest smile
on my

and I
am indeed

as what a shame it would have been
to have

this ♥

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