Tamara Willems

when softly you see…

Do you know of your own inherent perfection?
Ever marvel at the wondrous-ness of you?
If you happen today, to stop and look closely,
what is it you’d

Somehow we have slipped into October
quietly without
the garden I suppose is easing its way through
the closing act
fading beauties holding on to the spotlight

For several years I didn’t have many roses in my garden
our beloved rambling seven sisters has been here for much longer
than we have
and they were kind enough to allow me
to stay
as a gardener,  I am not much good if you are in need of special or frequent care
I much prefer the self-sufficient sort
but then I stumbled upon a sad little rose, at the end of its selling season
left unwanted
and I took it home
and she has provided me with such joy
flowering from spring until winter
in a gorgeous ethereal white, sometimes (I think, just for me) she sports a few pink polka-dots
then I picked up a shrub rose, boasting about its hardiness
whose bold red blooms never fail to get her noticed
and last year this dear one, my Campfire rose
whom I photograph often
as she is to me pure artistic perfection
most probably because she shows herself in my favourite colours
the softest of yellows and pinks
she seems to be
ever changing

and possibly it is that she reminds me
to always stop and look closely
to notice
to marvel at the softness of beauty
at ever changing hues
to breathe
and to smile

to find myself here
in the delicateness of life
and light

and always to an offering
of gratitude
for simple things

that bring us
home ♥

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