Tamara Willems

because of this…

because I am a reader,  a thinker, a listener
and I hope,
a learner
because I am a writer (in my own small way
and said in my inside voice)
because I am a nurturer, a feeler
and a person of
I have a tendency to get well drawn into
the concerns of the day
because I am a reader of writers who they themselves
are drawn in
and to express oneself in thoughts and feelings is
how we

especially when one would have thought or at the very least
in this day and age would have
that these sorts of things would be unthinkable, intolerable
and unquestionable

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”    ~ Albert Einstein

from someone who has (bafflingly) been chosen to
to call himself a
one who publicly mocks and vilifies and willingly spews blatant cruelty
to cheers
so sadly celebrated for doing so
there can be no triumph here

this I cannot understand

I read about it, I write about it
I witness it
but before the ugliness of intentionally or unthinkingly hurting someone else
as a way to feel superior
can attach itself to my skin
I wash off the uncleanliness of it
I ground myself in what I know
and I continue to try to keep my heart
whole, soft and open

I will not understand it

and then, when closer to home
a health concern, or two
a heart concern, or many
a very real need for
and the heart beats strong
one feels like linking arms and drawing friends
to being held
and to holding on
to what is right, to what is decent
to what is
there is never an excuse to be otherwise
to my thinking there is only

I find my ground in this

and then,
because of this…
I stand
(and I will always stand)

in my own small way,
and in my inside voice
at the very least
I can offer

I will continue to hold you
here ♥

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